Quickbooks Training

Whether you are thinking about buying QuickBooks for the first time or simply upgrading to a new version, you should speak to an expert first! About Accounts will be happy to help you decide which version will best suit your needs and assist with the set up and training when you need it.

About Accounts is a registered provider of QuickBooks training. You may even have found your way to this website through Intuit’s recommended list of training providers!

Although About Accounts have experience of a range of accounting packages they love to work with QuickBooks and can offer training to cover

  • New users
  • Refresher and update training
  • Advanced and ad hoc sessions for experienced users with particular issues
  • Review set up, structure, preferences and lists
  • Edit and memorise new reports
  • Whatever particular queries you find as you use the software!

Training will be provided at your premises on a one to one or group basis and can cover

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Set up
  • VAT returns
  • Payroll
  • Invoicing
  • Entering bills
  • Payments and receipts
  • Financial reports

In addition, we can visit you periodically to sort out any problems you may encounter and provide training on the more advanced features of the software.

Quickbooks Training FAQs

QIf QuickBooks is so easy to use why do I need training?

AWe agree! QuickBooks is easy to set up and get started using their in built ‘EasySet Interview’ but there’s loads of functionality that can be tailored exactly to your business to provide precisely the data you need to manage your finances. You may have the time and inclination to learn how to do this – or you can call us in to help complete the task quickly and easily.

QSo it can be tailored to fit my business?

AYes. You buy QuickBooks software off the shelf but there are many options, preferences and settings that can be tweeked to match exactly they way you like to work

QSo I can call you when I need you?

AWe do out best to fit around you. Many clients like to have a go first and make a list of questions and issues. Others prefer to call us in at the beginning to get everything sorted from day one. It’s up to you.

QSo I don’t need to sign up for a course?

ANo. We will customise our training to your requirements. We understand there is nothing worse that sitting through a whole days training to find the thing you REALLY wanted to know id not covered until 4pm on day 2!

QDo you charge more if there’s more than one person?

ANo. We will quote you a fee that will cover on to one or small group training. Contact us and we can discuss what you need and recommend a tried and tested solution.