Bookkeeping , VAT and Payroll

We provide skilled bookkeepers to do all of the financial administration and record keeping for your business either at your premises or remotely.

By keeping your records up to date they can provide information to help you make business decisions. It can be a time consuming job for business owners who would rather be concentrating on generating income than recording it!

We can provide the following services weekly, monthly, quarterly or as a one off depending on your business needs

  • Recording all income and expenses from your receipts, invoices and bills
  • Debtor and creditor listings
  • Bank reconciliations
  • VAT returns
    • Preparation of quarterly returns and online submission to HMRC
    • Advice on the flat rate scheme and other schemes
    • Updates on changing legislation and rates
  • Payroll
    • Production of weekly/monthly payslips
    • Accurate accounting for statutory sick, maternity and holiday pay
    • Calculations of PAYE liability
    • Analysis of payroll costs
    • Completion of statutory returns for HMRC and your employees (P35, P14/60, P46)
    • Reporting of expenses and benefits (P11D)

Bookkeeping, VAT and Payroll FAQs

QI’ve had bookkeepers before but they were unreliable and my accountant still had lots to do at the end of the year

AOur bookkeepers are skilled and qualified . They understand what’s important and will work with you to ensure that everything is up to date and accurate

QI’m out and about all the time and don’t really have an office base. Where will the bookkeeper work?

AMany of our clients simply scan statements at the end of the month and send them electronically. We will do the bookkeeping at our premises, raise any questions we may have and use email to transfer data back to you. It’s secure and works well. We do like to meet up with our clients now and again but accurate, up to date records don’t depend on it these days!

QWe’re always very quiet over the summer. I don’t really want to be committed to a monthly bookkeeping fee when sometimes there’s nothing to record

AOur service is flexible. We only charge for the work we do so if there are only a few transactions we are happy to ‘miss a month’ and catch up next time. And we’ll remind you if there’s a deadline coming up that needs action from you in our absence!

Q‘I don’t seem to have time to chase my customers for payment and sometimes it is too late!’

AWe can help implement credit control procedures to avoid bad debts

Q‘I’m doing well and employ a couple of part time staff, but what is this white book for?’

AWe assist you with PAYE compliance or we can run the payroll for you.