Accountancy and Tax

Your annual accounts provide a true financial position of your business at a point in time. BY preparing your accounts we can ensure that they are compliant with statutory requirements and can be used for future finance applications.

  • Preparation of sole traders and partnership accounts
  • Preparation of company accounts
  • Corporation tax returns and computations
  • Preparation of personal tax returns
  • Company secretarial
    • Filing annual return with Companies House
    • Submitting change of details such as address, appointment of directors and shareholdings.
    • Dividend vouchers and board minutes

Accountancy and Tax FAQs

Q‘I always send my books to the accountant in time and always end up with a penalty. What is going wrong?’

AWe aim to complete your accounts and tax work within 4 weeks from the date all requested information has been received.

Q‘It seems a lot of money for a report I just don’t understand?’

AWe will review and discuss the accounts with you so that you have a full understanding of the figures and what they mean in conjunction to your business activities. We will advise you of any areas of weakness and how you might correct them.

Q‘How can I minimise my tax bill? I met a bloke in the pub who says ge doesn’t pay any tax at all….’

ATax returns are confusing and the rules are constantly changing. We can help you utilise the tax legislation to your advantage and we advise you what payments are due and when. We can’t work miracles, nobody can (whatever the bloke in the pub says!) , but we will ensure that your tax bills are as low as they can be.

QMy self assessment tax return always catches me by surprise and causes me a headache over Christmas. Can you help?

AAbout Accounts have recently launched a comprehensive Personal Tax Return service. We will request all the information we need to complete and submit your return in plenty of time. We will remind you when payment is due and deal with HMRC on your behalf if any queries crop up during the year. A complete service – all you have to do is give us the information when we ask for it!